Instagram has more than 300 million active users—roughly the population of the entire United States. And among them is a minuscule set of super-users who always seem to look better and live more photogenic lives than the rest of us. Well, turns out that’s a lie. Or not a lie exactly, but often it’s the result of a lot of effort and editing. Photographers are used to “fixing” an image through editing, and they carry that mindset over to their Instagram accounts. And fashion bloggers and celebrities have a few tricks to make their daily routines—and appearance—look a little more perfect than average, also there are other sites different from Instagram as where you can find other types of material as adult pictures. Here are some simple tips from bloggers and photographers to up your Instagram game. Don’t use the Instagram app to take the picture It doesn’t have the same functions that your phone camera does, such as zooming and other potentially useful tools like the grid feature of the iPhone camera. Those can help you to compose your photo better. There are also other apps, such as VSCO Cam and Rookie, that offer advanced functions, including shutter speed and white balance controls, which can keep colors accurate in your photos. Camera+, an iPhone-only app, offers a stabilizer to combat shaky hands and keep pictures sharp, and it allows you to set your camera’s exposure, controlling how light or dark your photos are. If you have an iPhone, photographer Chris Ozer recommends deliberately underexposing your shots to counter the phone’s tendency to blow out parts of the image. But if you’re shooting in an all-around low-light situation, Cortex Cam is a good app to try. Better to take your initial picture with one of those options, as they can let you do things such as play with the image’s point of focus to create a greater sense of depth, and then post them to Instagram.
Jason Reed
12:00 PM
Jason Reed is a prolific Songwriter, Singer and Multi-instrumentalist... Musically speaking he is a ‘jack of all trades’. His unique songwriting comes to life in his live shows and he has performed as a featured artist at the World Cafe Live, West Chester Restaurant Festival, WMGK 102.9 sponsored shows and much more.
Naelee Rae
11:30 AM
In October 2009, Naelee performed with David Foster to a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden. She has appeared on the Apollo stage numerous times. A singer and songwriter, Naelee is consistently in the top 10 for singer-songwriters in Philadelphia on
12:44 PM
Currently promoting his upcoming release, Toney Rocks: The Self Titled EP, TONEY ROCKS dives into the abyss of progressive, blues rock music, pushing the culture forward by delivering a bold hybrid of blues, and rock music peppered with electronic elements.
Blackbird Society Orchestra
1:28 PM
Philadelphia's Premier 1920s Hot Jazz / Dance Orchestra dedicated to the preservation of the music of "The Jazz Age", "The Roaring 20s" , "The Gatsby Era"....Flappers, Prohibition, Gansters , Model A's and the invention of an American art form known as "Jazz" ! Blackbird Society Orchestra on Facebook
Hot Bijouxx
3:40 PM
Hot Bijouxx performs an energetic mélange of Prohibition-era jazz, French gypsy swing-waltz, and Brazilian bossa nova. Renditions of Great American Songbook standards are metamorphosized by Hot Bijouxx’s arresting arrangements.
Flux Capacitor
4:24 PM
Emerging from the Pennsylvania music scene, from the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love, is the phenom band known as Flux Capacitor. This band of brothers consistently inspire and evoke a new and wildly addicting sound resonating with elements of rock, improvisation and electronica.
The Quixote Project
5:08 PM
We hail from the great state of New Jersey and are a neo-roots music outfit. From Rock to Rockabilly, Bluegrass to Soul we like to pull from traditional lines to kick in the doors of modern music. Call this musical hodgepodge what you will but at the end of the day we strive to create one cohesive musical experience.
Joy Ike
5:52 PM
Not yet a veteran, but more than a newcomer, Ike is and always has been an anomaly. As a singer/songwriter who purposefully refuses to be pigeon-holed into any one specific genre, Ike’s path has consistently taken an “anywhere for anyone” approach.
Venom Blues
6:36 PM
The Mid-Atlantic's hottest Blues band performing original work and remakes of Blues greats such as Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Robert Cray, the Chambers Brothers and other Blues legends. This ain't your Grandma's Blues, so come prepared to hear a little something special and don't be surprised if you get bit - by the seduction that is "The Blues"!
New Sweden
7:20 PM
Since forming in late 2009, the five-piece outfit has been entertaining fans in the greater Philadelphia region and beyond. With sincere lyrics characteristic of Americana folk combined with the intense melodies of Indie-Rock, it's sound is a distinct and complex fusion of raw emotion wrapped up and presented in an artful array of musical flair.
Billy Roach & Political Theatre
2:12 PM
The band has received airplay on SiriusXM Radio and Pandora as well as major Philadelphia-area media platforms such as Radio 104.5, 88.5 WXPN, 93.3 WMMR, 93.7 WSTW. In the past, they've opened for national acts including Civil Twilight, New Politics, Seven Mary Three, Halestorm, Spacehog and Jimmy Fallon.
Kwesi K
2:56 PM
Kwesi K (Kway-See Kay) continues the legacy of American Folk Music. The Alaskan-Ghanaian-Ohioian songwriter uses contemporary stylings that pull from the diasporas of American heritage. Soulful and simple, Kwesi K draws his listeners in with colorful story lines and a melodic fervor.